Tin Roof Barn is an award-winning venue set among rolling hills featuring apple orchards, views of the Columbia River Gorge, and it’s over 100 years old! This venue not only has a beautiful history but an incredible reputation.

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Tin Roof Barn

White Salmon, Washington

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They are kind, professional,  and so organized and into your vision for your wedding. Working with XO is honestly the least stressful part of my wedding.

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The heart of Tin Roof Barn, the Reception Barn boasts a blend of rustic elegance and contemporary design. With its high ceilings, exposed beams, and ambient lighting, this space is perfect for grand celebrations. The barn's spacious interior can be tailored to fit any wedding theme, ensuring every reception is as unique as the couple at its center.

Reception Barn

The Covered Pavilion is a versatile outdoor space, perfect for cocktail hours, dance floors, or intimate dinners. With its sturdy structure and open design, it allows guests to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while still being shielded from the elements, making it a favorite spot for mingling, laughter, and cherished memories.

Covered Pavilion

A harmonious blend of nature and architectural design, the Ceremony Patio offers couples a picturesque setting to exchange vows. Overlooking scenic views and framed by the lush landscape, this outdoor spot captures the essence of romance, ensuring every ceremony moment feels special and memorable.

Ceremony Patio

As guests arrive at Tin Roof Barn, they're greeted by the welcoming ambiance of the courtyard. Enclosed by nature and adorned with subtle decor elements, it sets the tone for the day's festivities. The courtyard offers a serene transition space, ensuring guests feel the magic of the venue from the moment they step in.

Welcome Courtyard

This intimate and elegantly designed suite provides the ideal setting for wedding preparations. Fusing rustic charm with modern comforts, it's a serene space where bridal parties can relax, get ready, and share in pre-wedding excitement, making it the perfect backdrop for those cherished getting-ready photos.

Wedding Suite



Absolutely! At Tin Roof Barn, there are two distinct wedding suites. This ensures both parties have private, comfortable spaces to prepare and enjoy those special pre-wedding moments.


Should we both get ready at the venue? Are there separate suites or spaces available for each party?

For the best natural lighting and scenic backdrop at Tin Roof Barn, a 4pm ceremony start time is often recommended. This captures the soft, diffused light that beautifully complements the venue and ensures stunning photo opportunities.


What time should we schedule our ceremony, considering lighting and the most picturesque moments? 

Yes, Tin Roof Barn has a curated list of preferred vendors, ranging from caterers to florists, who understand and complement the venue's aesthetic. However, they're also open to working with other vendors as long as they meet the venue's guidelines.


Do you have preferred vendors or partnerships that align with the venue's aesthetics and logistics?

Tin Roof Barn is designed with flexibility in mind. While there are standard setups that many couples choose, the venue is very accommodating to unique seating arrangements or special ceremony setups to ensure each wedding is distinctly memorable.


How flexible is the venue layout? Can we envision unique seating arrangements or ceremony setups? 

Weather can indeed be a wild card, but Tin Roof Barn is prepared. If the weather turns unfavorable, they offer indoor alternatives to ensure that the ceremony and celebrations proceed without a hitch.


does the venue have backup options for outdoor ceremonies or events for UNEXPECTED WEATHER?



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